Julie Harris - Counseling Secretary

Phone: 702-799-8000 x4300

Location: Counseling Office

Hours: 6:45am - 2:30pm

Basic Academy has a counseling staff, which is on campus to provide services designed to help students achieve both personal and academic success. Students are assigned a counselor by alphabetical breakdown and grade level – however, students are free to consult any counselor. To contact the Counseling Office, please contact 702-799-8000 ext. 4300.


Alpha Group: 10th - 12th Hern - Mir

Scholarships, Scholarship Recognition

504 Liaison, Hispanic Baccalaureate

Intern Coordinator, Financial Aide Night

Alpha Group: 9th Li - Z

NCAA Liasion, Students of the Quarter Recognition

Straight A Recognition, Coping Skills Coordinator

Alpha Group: 10th - 12th A – C

Course Selection, Academic Plans

Course Expo, Senior Awards, Student Aides

9th A - Le

Title I, YAP Liaison, Indian Ed

9th grade Academic Probation

Safe Schools Liaison, Homeless Advocate

IMPACT Liaison, Foster Care Advocate

Stakeholder Chair, UCF Liaison

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Alpha Group: 10th - 12th D - Herm

APEX, PSAT, Senior Awards

Stakeholder Committee Chair

Alpha Group: 10th - 12th Mis - Sai

AP Testing, ASVAB Testing, Jumpstart

BCON, Seal of Biliteracy

Alpha Group: 10th - 12th Saj - Z

College, College Entrance Recognition

TRIO/Upward Bound, ACT/SAT Waivers

Financial Aide Night, Boys & Girls State

9th - 12th Magnet Students

Counseling Department Chair

Magnet Recruiting, Testing Coordination

School Profile, Career & Technical Education

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Basic Academy Alumni are independent and confident leaders in the community who utilize the skills they have mastered to be successful, global professionals in addition to being responsible, productive citizens who strive for continuous improvement in an evolving world. Alumni will achieve their potential and become catalysts for positive change with support from a comprehensive school counseling program delivered by professional school counselors focusing on students' academic, career and personal/social achievement. This accomplishment is a collaborative effort among all stakeholders, which includes community members, parents, students, staff and counselors.




The mission of the Basic Academy Counseling Department is to deliver equitable and relevant comprehensive school counseling services in order to advocate for and empower each student to reach their intellectual, creative and personal potential by teaching them the skills to become reflective life-long learners, productive and responsible citizens and socially responsible individuals.