Beginning with the Class of 2016, the Nevada Department of Education published new and updated information regarding the transition from the Nevada High School Proficiency Exams (NHSPE) to the new End Of Course (EOC) Examinations including the new requirement of the ACT test. The table below summarizes the up-to-date testing requirements for the current series of graduating classes.

Counselors will assist students in planning their high school program and projecting this program toward long-term goals. However, the ultimate responsibility for the individual program must rest with both the student and parent. Therefore, when selecting courses, students are encouraged to consider both graduation and post-high school education or vocational entrance requirements.

For clarification purposes, a student will earn one credit for successful completion of a year-long (two semester) course. One-half credit is earned for successful completion of a semester course. The following subjects, shown in the gallery below, meet graduation requirements of Basic High School, the Clark County School District and the State of Nevada.


At Basic Academy, all students will be expected to meet the requirements of the 21st Century Course of Study (see gallery below). This program will prepare students for the following post-secondary opportunities: University/4-year college, Community/2-year college, Trade/Technical School or the general workforce. These additional requirements will align with the State of Nevada Millennium Scholarship criteria for core courses.


Basic Academy's Course Catalog provides complete details regarding all the courses offered at Basic. 


Students may request copies of official and/or unofficial transcripts from the Office of the Registrar at Basic Academy using an online reuqest form. This service is currently free of charge. Requested copies may be picked up at the Registrar's Office. Please allow 1 business day for processing.

Students may also print their own copy of an unofficial transcript from the "Reports" tab when they are logged into their Infinite Campus accounts. accounts




Students may earn credits beyond the regular school day by enrolling in any of the approved concurrent programs. There is no limit to the number of concurrent credits a student may earn. See your counselor for more information on the following concurrent programs:

  • Nevada Learning Academy: For specifc information, including fees, call (702) 855-8435 or visit their website.

  • Adult Education: For specific information on this program, call (702) 799-8650 or visit their website. This program is available for concurrent ($60 per class with $100 book deposit) and/or full-time enrollment (must b 18).

  • Sunset High Schools/Programs: Call (702) 855-9775 for more information or visit their website.

  • Summer School: Classes are offered at various high schools during the summer. A fee is required and students must provide their own transportation. Registration information is available in the Counseling Office in the spring. Additional information is available at their website.

  • Basic High School Credit Retrieval: Basic High School has various credit retrieval options on campus. Students must see their counselor for more information

  • Community Service**: 60 hours = 1/2 credit (120 hours = 1 credit). Hours must be documented. This option is free.

  • Exploratory Work Experience: 270 hours in one semester = 1/2 credit. Hours must be documented. This option is free.

  • PE II Waiver**: participation in a competitive sport/activity with a licensed teacher, coach or business required with 60 hours log = 1/2 credit; up to 2 credits with this option. This option is free.

** - Only a total of 6 credits (3 credits in core subjects) may be earned via external resources