All high school sports conduct intramural sessions, workouts and/or other activities during their off-seasons. These activities are intended for returning players to begin preparing for the new upcoming season. It is also an opportunity for perspective players who may be new to the sport to begin to learn the fundamental skills of the game or for students new to Basic to meet the coaches and begin to prepare for tryouts. 

Attendance to off-season activities is completely voluntary and lack of participation cannot be directly used as a reason for a student to not make an athletic team. With that being said, it is recommended that a student participate in as many of these events as possible as it often helps improves their skill level and conditioning, which in turn allows for a better performance on the actual day of tryouts and increases their chances of making a team.


There are no requirements to participate in any off-season intramurals, workouts or practices, aside from students having whatever equipment is required based on the specific sport. However, coaches may require that students complete the required paperwork (Register My Athlete) prior to participating in off-season activities as it often streamlines the actual tryout process. It is recommended that participating students have health insurance coverage in the event of an accidental injury (insurance coverage is already a requirement to tryout for and play any sport).

REMINDER! In order for any student to try out for any athletic team, secure a spot on that team's roster, attend & participate in practices and ultimately participate in any games, they MUST fully complete the Register My Athlete process. Register My Athlete (RMA) is an online system that helps schools monitor student athletes, help with transfers of eligibility (TEFs), maintain medical information and other important items. Following successful completion of the RMA process, student athletes will receive a "Participation Verification" card that will be provided to the head coach. Links and information about the RMA process can be found HERE.


Off-season intramural information is subject to change. Sport-specific questions should be directed to the head coach or to the Athletics Office.

  • FALL SEASON 2019 (available May 2019; seasons begin August 2019)

    • Cross Country | Jennifer Sneed, head coach*

    • Football | Jeff Cahill, head coach

      • Assorted workouts and activities are being offered throughout the summer.

      • View the calendars: JV & Varsity | B Team

    • Golf, Womens | Shawn Dickson, head coach

    • Soccer, Mens | Abel Arteaga, head coach*

      • Assorted workouts and activities are being offered throughout the summer.

      • View the list of event dates HERE (revised 7/10/19).

    • Soccer, Womens | Darrin Johnson, head coach

      • Assorted workouts and activities are being offered throughout the summer.

      • View the list of event dates HERE.

    • Tennis | Bart Black, head coach

    • Volleyball, Womens | Robin Wood, head coach

      • Assorted workouts and activities offered during the summer.

      • CLICK HERE to view the calendars

  • WINTER SEASON 2019-2020 (available approx. November 2019)

    • Basketball, Mens | Leonard Taylor, head coach

      • Tryouts Nov 16 8-10am, Nov. 19 1:30-3:30pm

      • Thursdays 1:30-3:15​

    • Basketball, Womens

      • Tryouts Nov. 16 10am-1pm, Nov. 19 3:30-5:30pm

      • ​Tues./Wed./Thurs. 3:30-5:30​

    • Bowling | Bart Black, head coach

    • Flag Football | Ken Ward, head coach

    • Wrestling | Joe LaRocco, head coach

  • SPRING SEASON 2020 (available approx. January 2020)

    • Baseball | Scott Baker, head coach*

    • Golf, Mens | Brian Coy, head coach

    • Softball | Christina Mootz, head coach

      • Intramurals: Dec. 3, 5, 10, 12; Jan/Feb. M, T, Th; Feb. 18-27 M, T, W, Th​ @1:45/Ready to go by 2pm

      • Tryouts: Feb. 29

    • Swim & Dive | Ernie Sena, head coach*

    • Track & Field | Ken Ward, head coach

    • Volleyball, Mens | Megan Greer, head coach*

* - indicates a head coach who is not on campus