Fred Drum, Librarian

Phone: 702-799-8000 ext. 4026

Fax: 702-799-8030

Joan Townsend, Library Assistant

Phone: 702-799-8000 ext. 4025


Mondays - Thursdays from 6:45am to 2:15pm  |  Fridays from 6:45am to 2:00pm


The Library and Media Center at Basic Academy is one of the most active locations on campus. It functions primarily as a spot for students to socialize, study, work and succeed, but it also functions as a place for teachers to bring their classes. The Library and Media Center is also used to conduct state mandated testing and it also hosts many school meetings and social functions as well as many CCSD meetings.


As far as libraries go, the one at Basic Academy is one of the best. The print/book collection currently contains over 12,000 volumes and over 1,000 eBooks. The library subscribes to 9 magazines and 1 newspaper. It also is home to 80 student computers that are Internet-ready and have access to a wide variety of electronic resources and databases.

The library staff looks forward to working with and assisting all students when they visit the library. Students should feel free to ask for assistance from Mr. Drum, Ms. Townsend or any of the library student aides while in the library.


While the Library Media Center may be one the more occupied social hot spots on campus, it is primarily a place for students to come and study, to do research and to gather and process information. To facilitate this process, the following policies have been put in place to help students learn:

  • All visitors to the library are always expected to be considerate of other students who are working in the library.

  • Food is no longer allowed in the library. Drinks are okay as long as students clean up after themselves.

  • Classes using the library have first priority on all of the library computers and resources.

  • The playing of online games on the library computers is permitted before & after school and on Fridays.

  • All CCSD and Basic Academy Acceptable Use Policies with respect to computer usage are consistently enforced.


Students who come to the library during class time, but who are not with a class MUST have a valid pass from a teacher or MUST show proof that they have an open class period by displaying their validated student ID. Such students are required to sign in and sign out at the ledgers near each library entrance.


Library Book Checkouts – Students may check out up to 3 books (including reference books) at a time. The circulation period for each checkout is 4 weeks or 28 school days. Students may come in and renew their book(s) for an additional 4 weeks at any time if needed. Students with fines on library books or textbooks from Basic Academy or any other CCSD school must clear those fines before they may be allowed to check out books from our library. The fine for overdue library and textbooks is $ .10 per day.

Textbook Checkouts – The library is home to all textbooks that are available to students for checkout during the school year. Students may check out as many textbooks for their classes they feel are needed to be successful in that class. Textbooks are checked out in the same manner as a regular library book at the Circulation Desk. The default checkout period for a textbook is the entire school year, but students may return textbooks at any time during the school year.


Students who have un-returned textbooks from Basic Academy or other CCSD schools MAY NOT check out any new textbooks until they return or pay for those that are missing.

Printing from the Computers – The library allows students to print documents in color up to 7 pages. Students cannot print more than 7 pages on any given day. Students can pick up their printouts at the main reference desk.

Document Copying – The library's copy machine is located by the reference desk and copies are $ .10 per page.



Library Website – The Basic Academy Library and Media Center has its own website where many of its' electronic resources are available. To access the site use the button at the top of this page or go to bhslibrary, in your favorite browser.

eBooks – The library now has an extensive eBook collection that is accessible through the library search system known as FollettShelf. This part of the system is accessible from home. The library keeps a wide assortment of fiction and nonfiction e-books in its' virtual collection.


All computer web browsers in the Library and Media Center automatically default to the library's homepage where students can find great research resources, the school's databases and other valuable educational and career information. Links to those databases and the necessary login credentials are listed below:

  • ABC-CLIO (history, government, geography) | Username: clarkstudent | Password: clarkstudent

  • Brainfuse (assorted learning assistance for students) | Password: achieve

  • Career Information System (career information) | Username: ncis | Password: nevada

  • Culture Grams (detailed cultural information for 200 countries) | Username: Nevada | Passwod: silver

  • EBSCO (periodical articles, journals, ERIC, health sources, etc.) | Username: ccsd | Password: password

  • Gale Group (current science news and topics) | Password: success

  • Worldbook Online (online encyclopedia & reference) | Username: ccsd2 | Password: ccsd2