Gerald Bustamante


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. I am now entering my third year as Principal of Basic Academy. I’m grateful for the staff, students, and our great community, who embraced and continue to embrace the vision of being the Greatest Academy of International Studies. Basic Academy is rich in tradition, pride, and community. We will continue our traditions which are unique to Basic Academy and we will create new traditions that will be unique to our current students, community, and alumni. All stakeholders will know the culture and be proud to say “Once a Wolf, Always a Wolf.”

In my first year the staff has developed Core Values and Beliefs which will drive the culture in how we do business. Our culture evolves around our students first. Every student on our campus deserves and will have an opportunity to achieve to their fullest potential. We understand that it’s our responsibility to ensure our students success and it begins with our belief that our students are the priority. With that being said, we will focus on purposeful planning which is driven by student data, peer collaboration, and best practices. We will be reflective in our practices and ensure our course of actions are calculated and provide a return on investment. 


As the Principal, I am committed to the vision and the mantra of Be You...Be Strong...Be Great! Going into our third year, you will notice more changes in the physical appearance of our building to exemplify the sense of pride. We will continue with our new initiative in recognizing alumni who have been major stakeholders in our community. I will continue to support our teachers’ professional development to increase the number of National Board Certified Teachers on staff. We will continue to invest in resources to meet our students’ social, emotional, and medical needs. Basic Academy will continue our partnership with the Bower Health Center on campus as well as United Citizens Foundation, which provide medical and mental health care for our students.

In the vision it’s important for our staff, students, parents, and community to believe in and identify with our mantra. Being Great must be in the forefront, and in order to get there, they must first understand that they have a choice in what it means to Be You and they must understand that they must Be Strong, because getting to greatness is not easy and no one is born great. It takes hard work, perseverance, resiliency, and commitment. However, when our students graduate with a diploma from Basic Academy, the community, business sector, and postsecondary institutions, locally and nationally, will know the character of the student they are receiving. Our students will be academically and emotionally prepared college and career ready.

Our belief in Ron Kipling’s quote, “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the
Pack,” is vital as every stakeholder is a Wolf, however, every stakeholder is the pack as well. We as a whole
community will make Basic Academy the Greatest Academy of International Studies. I encourage our students, parents, and community, to be active members of our Pack.